Subscription Services

Alexa reports have an extensive portfolio of market reports. We have successfully remodeled our libraries to allow clients to gain access to a range of subscription services. Our flexible model offers an opportunity for clients to design a befitting & bespoke business model for their organization. We understand our customers’ needs, so we have developed the least engagement value for our very own subscription model.

Major Offerings:

  Single report based subscription: We specialize in offering domain-based subscription services with variable option including monthly to annual reports. Our team of domain experts keeps track of the latest market trend to enable you to stay up-to-date about the current market happenings. We help you to frame or modify strategies as per the industry competitiveness.

    Industry-based subscription: Our team of analysts helps you to get an in-depth understanding of specific industry or sub-vertical. We categorize specific industry vertical redefine as per market opportunities and revamp detailed lists.

   Pay-as-you-go subscription: With our flexible service model, we map out an economical plan for clients that are not able to assess services as their requirements.Our pay-as-you-go subscription facility, which involves periodically access to syndicated reports, to stay updated with the current market scenario.