Frequently Asked Questions

Different delivery formats are mentioned on right hand side of each product or service. Different types of delivery formats include,

  • Single-User Delivery : The delivery format service provides easy access to the buyer for ordered product. The product is subjected to the single-person use only.

  • Multi-User Delivery :  The delivery format service allows access to multiple users, maximum of 5 people in your organization.

  • Enterprise-User Delivery : The delivery format allows sharing of the product among employees in your organization.

  • Hard Copy Delivery : We provide hard copies of the product upon customers’ request, after receiving receipt of your order.

We have covered most of market categories through our constant endeavor to satisfy our clients’ demands. With an extensive database of reports and market updates, all of which will not get uploaded on the website. We request to raise an inquiry pertaining to your product demand, and expect a quick response from our sales team (via email or phone).

We have simplified ordering services for your convenience by adding shopping basket and shopping karts on the right hand side of your product. Online ordering is one of the quickest methods for purchasing our product services. After selecting required product, simply click on “Buy Now” option available on right side of the product. You can simply check out with purchased product or keep on shopping.

Please make sure that there is adequate space in your mailbox and configure your account to receive PDF or Word documents as required. Contact your account administrator to ensure your e-mail is not trapped by spam filler. For additional assistance, feel free to contact use any time as mentioned on our Contact Us page.

We are bound by policies and nature of the product, which does not allow us to dispatch order before payment. However, we ensure a timely delivery of the order after receiving product.

We don’t entertain any product cancellation or refund request due to the nature of the products as the information is essentially consumed as they are purchased. We request you to read available information about a product. Please raise your question with our sales team in case of doubts.