Business Travel – Managing Communication and Costs

Travel & tourism is a significant and frequently unnoticed export division that makes an important direct contribution to global trade and jobs, spreading its value across the globe. In modern business travelers one of the major sector of corporate travelers are the Millennial. Something that grabs interest of all generations is the tradition of business travelers, and culture is changing in amazing new ways i.e. rising use of technology. A business travel industry is evolving to take centre stage owing to growing number of companies across the globe.

There is no question that business travel is a precious activity for organizations. The major advantage is financial benefits across the globe in the form of new business deals. The dynamics of business travel are varying with the new age corporate traveler. India is expanding at a rapid pace with growing contribution to global business travel spends. Corporate sector and personal business sector are the two major groups’s that plays important role in this industry.

Integration of technology in business travel allows multi-channel hyper-connectivity, customization, and personalization of work or business platforms. It includes several trips related to business that are undertaken by employees on behalf of their organization. The reasons for trip comprise incentives, attending meetings, conferences, and sales missions. It is segmented into managed travel and unmanaged travel groups. Business travelers are huge fans of smart phones as they allows easy communication with colleagues and get work done easily on the move.  

Travelers Want Perfect, Stress-Free Travel Experiences – and They’re Looking towards Technologies to Make It Possible

Present digital business traveler needs one thing i.e. self-service. As rising technological enhancement, a self-service offers a unique opportunity for travel managers to reduce traveler friction, provide freedom and information throughout the trip, make sure travelers are complying with their organization’s travel policies, and meet their duty-of-care agreement and assure travelers’ safety.

The rising popularity of self-service technology, research shows that maximum number of travelers in the United States manages their journeys using self-service technology. Technology is changing every aspect of lives, as well as the way business travel is experienced, planned, and booked.


Empowering commuters with capability to organize business travel experience by offering an immense sense of self-sufficiency with customer satisfaction will comply with travel policy in the near future. Moreover digital payment gateway offers new opportunities for business travel industry. It is estimated that by 2020, half of all business travelers will be Millennial, as they are the most experienced, tech savvy, and spontaneous generation of all time.

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