Agriculture Robot Industry – The Future of Robotic Agriculture

The trend toward using “agbots” is anticipated to surge exponentially to help mitigate a dearth of human farm labor.

Robotics is set to transform global industries and will have a great impact on large sectors of the economy. There is a plethora of related areas that are using advanced robotic application in large parts of the industrial sectors. So, there is a necessity of research to investigate how this technology can be integrated into the agriculture industry. The growing need to feed global population and labor shortages, agriculture robots are becoming commonplace for farmers.

Agriculture robot industry is rapidly becoming an exciting high-tech industry, drawing attention of investors, new professionals, and new industries. Agriculture robots are also termed as “AgBots” or “Agrobot” are technologically advanced device used for increasing production yields for farmers in several ways. From robotic arms to drones to autonomous tractors, the technology is applied in innovative and creative applications.

These AgBots allow farmers to focus on improving overall production yield by performing dull, slow, and repetitive task for them. Most probably, agriculture robots are used for sorting and packing, harvesting and picking, phenotyping, weed control, autonomous thinning, mowing, spraying, and seeding, and others.

Technology in Agri-Business – Opportunities to Drive Value

Iron Ox Lettuce Robot - is enhanced technology designed to work in greenhouse to transplant the lettuce between trays. With the help of stereo camera mounted on arm, the robot creates a 3D image of each plant.

Agrobot SW6010 – its looks are familiar to the tractor. It uses robotic arms and sensors to detect ripe berries and puck them up from the surface of ground.

Hortibot – is a robot designed to help farmers with weeds. With the help of environment-friendly weed-removing attachment, the robot identifies and removes over 25 kinds of weeds.

Conclusion – Vision for 2030

Consumer behavior and trends are continuously evolving and influencing agriculture robot industry. Technological innovation has always played an important role in agriculture, the intricacy and scale of food production is rising along with natural resource constraints. Does this raise a question on the role that technology play to foster development in productivity in a sustainable manner?

Rising use of robots in agriculture will not only affect how farming is done but will also change the job market by eradicating or reducing low-skill jobs that have been a supporter of immigration. After all, technology aid one to figure out the complex challenges facing humanity, and has become the most significant driver for advancement, no nation or its industries can imagine sustainability, victory, or continuity without assimilating technology to change the way they do things. The agriculture business is no exception!